Facebook EdgeRank on the footpath of Google PageRank for optimisation encouragement?

Just like Google did many years ago with PageRank, Facebook has revealed earlier this year the existence of a ranking algorithm aka "EdgeRank" to calculate the relevancy of content posted on Facebook.

As expected, Facebook hasn't revealed the exact formula but only pinpointed the main variables that compose it. The EdgeRank (Sigma) is the results of the combination of 3 elements:

The formula

Affinity: how much interactions your profile has with the author of the content

Weight: the importancy of the content, status updates are considered top of the list, but posts containing media content and links will also add to it.

Time: how long ago the content has been posted.

Facebook injects all those variables into their algorithm and results into an EdgeRank, fundamental in organising content on your news feed. Afterall, you only want to see interesting stuff, and not content from that old friend request you've even forgotten it existed at all...

The EdgeRank generation

What I think he's really clever on releasing half the information, is that it will make people realise they can actually optimise Facebook Social Media strategy, but at the same time only speculating on the effectiveness of the actions, because we still don't know exactly how it works. That would be too easy.

I believe it's opening doors to new era of optimisation services (good or bad), but mainly encouraging more time and energy being spent on Facebook, making it almost indispensable, just as Google is today.

More information about EdgeRank is available here:



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